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Otalia fic - Rising to the Occasion

Title: Rising to the Occasion

Fandom: Otalia

Rating: Definitely NC-17

Spoilers: Some through the 4/17/09 episode, but after that, it was purely an act of my dirty little mind being creative.

Warnings: Nope.

Disclaimer: Not mine. They belong to CBS, Telenext, and P&G. However, if they want to let me borrow them, I’d be more than happy to take.

Author’s Note: This is just smut…plain ol’ smut. This is what happens when I play in the After Dark chat with some people that REALLY like smutty stories. 


For Destini, our fearless BPD leader…I hope you like it.



She peeked around the corner of the banister watching Natalia move around the hotel lobby, guiding the decorators with setting up the final touches for a big convention at The Beacon. She smiled a little at the total air of confidence and command the younger woman exuded. She gave herself a mental chuck on the shoulder for seeing the potential in Natalia so long ago. This job had been perfect for her. Her kind and sensitive nature made clients trust her and feel at ease with their decisions, yet her firmness and stubborn streak made sure the hotel’s outcome was always profitable. In so many ways, Olivia knew that Natalia had been good for The Beacon, but more so, for her.

It had been six months since Natalia had walked away from Frank in that church and three months after that when Olivia stopped fighting the inevitable. They had spoken the words out loud, put them into the universe, never to be returned. Natalia had proven herself strong beyond measure. She had fought against Olivia’s fears using the only weapon she had: love. Many times in the past, Natalia had stood her ground with Olivia, calling her on her fears and weaknesses, refusing to let her walk away or give up. Olivia should have known she was in this for the long haul because Natalia was a bulldog when it came to love and family. It was her bone and God help anyone who got in the way.

Olivia watched silently. The sway of Natalia’s hips under her tight skirt made something shift inside Olivia. She closed her eyes hoping to push it down. She knew Emma had a sleep over tonight and they had the house all to themselves, but that thought didn’t seem to quench the new fire raging in her belly. Thinking about being alone with Natalia always made her think about their first kiss, the first real kiss, when they decided a weekend away would do them good.

She had picked a fight with Natalia over something insignificant. She couldn’t even remember what it was now. Oh...yeah, the double bed incident. She had wanted to keep up the appearance they weren’t together so she reserved a room with two double beds. Natalia had the onus to change it at the desk when they checked-in, in front of the entire staff and a few guests. She had been mortified by the stares and a couple of snickers behind them.

In the middle of her verbal rampage in the room, Natalia found a most convincing way to shut her up. Up against the door. She shook her head at the image. Natalia got her revenge though. They didn’t make love that weekend, but Natalia vowed then and there that she was going to romance the socks, and a few other articles of clothing, right off of Olivia. There had been quiet meals at home by candlelight, moonlit walks, a sunset picnic in the park, and full-out night’s on the town. Slowly, Olivia let it go and gave in to the moment they were in. She didn’t know where or when that happened, but it was gradual and steady, like Natalia herself. She chipped away at Olivia’s walls until they found   themselves sitting on the couch for movie night with a sleeping Emma between them. Natalia put her to bed and came back to finish the movie, her head in Olivia’s lap.

To this day, Olivia can’t remember what they watched. All she remembers was a confident hand sliding up her thigh and teasing under the edge of her shorts. Natalia had taken her by surprise that night. She always seemed to be taking Olivia by surprise. Every time Olivia thought she was one step ahead of her, Natalia cut her off and beat her to the punch. The woman was far too cunning for Olivia’s own good. Then Olivia smirked as an idea came to her.

She pulled out her phone and called the maintenance and security teams. After giving a few instructions, she went to the front desk to explain the situation. Then, with a few pushes of the buttons on her phone, she sent a text to Natalia: “Meet me at the elevators in 5. Urgent call from Brussels on the new property going up. We move now or we lose out.”

Natalia looked at the phone buzzing in her hand and excused herself from the musicians setting up on stage to make her way to the elevators. Olivia stood against the wall smiling a smile meant only for her. She loved the way the lights of The Beacon lobby make her eyes practically dance. That was a normal day, but when Olivia flashed that smile, Natalia found she almost couldn’t breathe. Only three months. It was still hard to believe. Sometimes she thought she would wake up and find it was all a beautiful dream, but instead every day she woke up to the stunning woman openly admiring her. She put a little more sway in her hips and flashed her dimples. More than once, Olivia had done her bidding because of those dimples, so she used them sparingly but always to her advantage.

The doors of the elevator dinged and opened, and with a swing of her arms, Olivia gestured for her to go ahead. When the doors closed, Natalia was sure the temperature rose ten degrees. Olivia had never taken her eyes off of her as she stood a little behind and to the left, in exactly the right position for Olivia to stare at her ass.

“Stop it.”

Olivia’s eyes jerked up at being caught, “What? Stop what?”

“Having sex with me with your eyes. No fair, you can’t look at me like that when we’re working.”

“And if I don’t stop?” Natalia felt the warm breath against her ear as Olivia stepped forward and wrapped one arm around her waist. 

Natalia watched as the numbers for the floors passed by quickly, “We don’t have enough time for that.”

“Are you sure?” As if on cue, the elevator jerked to a stop. Olivia held on tight to her waist to stop her fall and when she was pulled upright again, she felt Olivia chuckling behind her.

She turned to face the older woman, “What did you do?”

“Who me?” Natalia glared at her. “Just an impromptu emergency drill for stuck elevators.” She shrugged and pulled her arm tighter around Natalia’s waist, letting her knee slip nonchalantly between Natalia’s legs. “We have plenty of time now. It’ll be at least 15 minutes for them to just get the mandatory test call sent in to the fire department and then probably another 15 to disable and reset the alarms.”

Natalia smirked at her lover’s devious mind, “You are evil, and I love you.”

Olivia smiled as Natalia pulled her back by the lapels until Natalia’s shoulders were resting against the metal wall of the elevator and she reached up to pull Olivia’s mouth down to her own. The jolt was immediate. Both of them felt it as they turned and angled their heads for better access, their tongues maneuvering slowly around the warm depths.

Olivia slid her hands down over the round hips and gathered the material of Natalia’s skirt into her hands. She pulled up slowly until her hands found the warm flesh of Natalia’s thighs, a small moan escaping from Natalia as Olivia’s hands reached around to slip her fingers under the edge of Natalia’s panties and scrap her nails gently over the firm muscles of her ass.

Natalia arched into Olivia at the sensation, breaking the kiss as her head fell back. Olivia took advantage and licked and nibbled at the sensitive spot between her neck and collarbone. A shuddering breath escaped Natalia’s lips. Olivia tortured and teased the soft skin of Natalia’s neck until she was nuzzling the hollow below her ear.

“You feel so good, Natalia, but I bet you taste even better.” Natalia moaned her approval, feeling already a little lightheaded at the mere prospect.

Olivia dropped to her knees, thankful she had on a pant suit. This would have been one blissful hell if she had worn a skirt instead. She looked up at Natalia, her long dark hair framing her face as she watched Olivia memorize her body with her hands. She slipped them under the edge of her jacket and up until they caressed each breast.

Natalia placed her own hands over Olivia’s and bit her bottom lip, her eyes closing as she took in the sensations. Natalia whimpered when her hands left her breasts to slip down along the curves of her stomach and under her bunched up skirt. Olivia pushed it up higher uncovering Natalia to her waist. She could already smell her and it made her head spin with arousal and her mouth water. It still amazed her that she had such a physiological reaction to Natalia. Just holding her hand when they first admitted their feelings made Olivia’s heart race at a dangerous pace.

But Olivia didn’t mind at all, and she’d certainly never complain. Life would be complete as long as she could always have Natalia in her arms and feel this good at the same time. She nuzzled at the soft skin of Natalia’s stomach, taking time to dip her tongue into her bellybutton, giving delectable clues as to where her mind was heading. Natalia groaned a little at the contact and was starting to find it hard to stay on her feet. She gripped the metal bar with both hands to steady herself.

Olivia ran her hands along every inch of exposed skin, watching Natalia’s face as she touched her in different ways to see what response she got. When Olivia ran her nails along the backside of her calves to her knees, the soft whimpers above her turned to heady groans. Olivia had played enough. She slid her fingers under the edge of the purple lace panties, peeling them down Natalia’s long legs and into a corner.

She shifted and got more comfortable on her knees before lifting one of Natalia’s legs and putting it over her shoulder. For a brief moment, she considered taking the black heels Natalia wore off to keep from getting stabbed with them, but then the mental image of them sliding up and down her back made her change her mind. Oh, to hell with it! She kissed inch-by-inch higher on the inside of Natalia’s thigh then made up her mind to switch to the other. In a smooth motion, she shifted her shoulder fully under Natalia’s other thigh and draped that leg over her shoulder as well.

Natalia yelped a little when her feet completely left the ground and she gripped the rail tighter. Olivia looked up with a killer smirk, “Trust me.”

“I trust…oh God,” her comments were cut off by Olivia’s tongue diving deep into her, “you.” Her head thumped back against the wall of the elevator as Olivia kissed and sucked playfully at her, teasing her by deliberately missing the most important places.

Natalia growled her frustration and Olivia couldn’t help but giggle at her predicament, “Something wrong, baby? Should I stop?”

“Don’t you dare, Olivia Spencer. You better…oh God,” Olivia had found the perfect solution for stopping Natalia in mid-rant as she tilted Natalia’s hip slightly, opening her up a little more, and she pushed her tongue in deeper. Quite by accident, Olivia had discovered how much Natalia liked it when she did this, and Olivia for her own part didn’t mind at all either. The tangy, sweet taste of Natalia right at her opening drove Olivia crazy. It was like a drug she couldn’t get enough of or a wine that never ran out. It was too much yet not enough.

Olivia felt the tell tale signs of Natalia’s orgasm starting as the muscles fluttered almost imperceptibly against her. 

“Oh Olivia…oh God…Oliv…”

Olivia felt her own muscles constrict with need hearing the guttural sound of Natalia’s voice above her. She needed this. She needed to feel it and give everything to Natalia, so she pushed harder and deeper until she felt Natalia’s body go rigid, straining with the release.

She kissed the inside of Natalia’s thighs again before gently putting her feet back down on the ground. With a shaky hand, Natalia helped Olivia up and Olivia slid her skirt back into position. Natalia simply stood there looking at Olivia, who was blushing a little under the scrutiny, astounded still by what she felt for Olivia. Sometimes she wasn’t even sure if the word love really encompassed it completely. She lifted her still shaky hand and traced the full lips with a finger, Olivia’s mouth automatically opening at the touch. Natalia leaned forward and placed a gentle, almost chaste, kiss on her lips.

She leaned back in for a second kiss. This time a little longer, only breaking when Natalia ran her tongue over Olivia’s bottom lip. Olivia leaned back and smirked at her, raising an eyebrow. Natalia read the non-verbal message and shook her head. She reached around Olivia’s neck and pulled her in for a proper kiss, one that made Olivia whimper and struggle to keep standing. The taste of herself on Olivia set the spark inside her to a full blaze. 

She dropped her hands to Olivia’s pants belt and quickly undid it and before Olivia could realize what was happening, Natalia was pressing three fingers into her. And somehow in the middle of all of it, Natalia flipped her so Olivia’s back was to the wall.

“Jesus! Oh God,” Olivia was panting from the broken kiss and the new sensations shooting like electrical sparks through her body. She was sure Natalia would short out her damn pacemaker one of these days, but God help her if she didn’t love this woman. She couldn’t resist her even if she tried. Natalia lifted one of Olivia’s legs, encouraging Olivia to wrap it around her waist, effectively opening her up so Natalia could penetrate her deeper. “Oh God…oh Natalia…baby.”

Olivia was now holding on to the bar behind her. When she threw her head back, Natalia leaned in to kiss the smooth alabaster skin, nipping and teasing her way closer to Olivia’s ear, as her fingers pumped harder into Olivia. She closed her eyes as she felt the walls starting to pulse around her fingers. She knew Olivia was so close.

“I love the way you feel when I’m inside of you,” Olivia bit her lip as her hips bucked and pushed against the invading fingers, the sound of Natalia’s usually sweet voice burning low and sensual through her senses. “Do you like it when I’m inside of you? Does it feel good?”

“Oh God, Natalia, yes!” Olivia let go of the bar with one hand and held on tight to Natalia as she came. She buried her face against Natalia’s neck, not wanting to come back to earth so soon but pretty sure their time was almost up. 

She fought to raise her head, allowing the momentary luxury of nuzzling against Natalia’s neck and cheek. She placed a soft kiss on Natalia’s cheek before whispering, “I love you, Natalia Rivera.” 

She leaned back to see Natalia with her full dimple smile, and she fought the temptation to text the maintenance guys to ask for a few more minutes. Natalia tilted Olivia’s chin with a finger and leaned in to kiss her again, this time with a solidness born of contentment and peace.

“I love you too.”

For a moment, they stayed like that, foreheads resting against each other, fingers intertwining and caressing lazily, until a jerk brought them back to reality.

“Oh crap!  Get your underwear…Nat, where’s your underwear?” Olivia was frantically looking around as she rebuttoned her pants. Natalia was frantic and not being very helpful, just knowing they were going to get caught.

“I don’t know! It wasn’t like I was paying attention to those small details!”

“Oh, you can remember every appointment I have next week, but you can’t remember that?”

Natalia gritted her teeth, “I was kind of distracted.”

The ding of the elevator made both of them jump. As Olivia turned to face forward, a flash of purple caught her eye and she dove for it just as the doors were almost fully open. She stuffed the underwear in her pocket and threw on her best fake smile.

She patted one of the guys in the hall on the arm, “Great job with the response there, um…”


“Right…Mike.” Olivia turned to a flustered Natalia. “Do you have anything to add, Ms. Rivera?”

Natalia’s mouth opened and closed, then opened again before she smiled and gave a big thumbs up, “Great job guys!”

“Excellent! Ms. Rivera, I’ll see you in my office later for our special meeting?” Olivia raised an eyebrow at her in an air of challenge.

“Absolutely, Ms. Spencer.” Natalia glared at her.

Olivia turned and walked down the hall, smirking evilly as she fingered the panties in her pocket, annoyed at the buzzing phone in the other. She pulled it out, smiling when she saw Natalia’s name at the top. Then fell again as she read the message: Just remember, I won’t be wearing any underwear ALL day. How’s that mental image working for ya? Love you!

Natalia snickered and walked away when she heard the phone drop on the other side of the door.

“Score 1 for Team Rivera.”

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  • Hiding in Plain Sight, 4/?

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